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USFantasy Sports Presents A Tremendous Value To Both Daily Fantasy Golf Players and PGA Bettors

One of the best values in the sports book is right under your nose and you might not even be aware of it. I've played golf for years but am relatively new to wagering on golf and playing daily fantasy sports (DFS) golf. One of the biggest breakthroughs in the industry over the last year has been the introduction of USFantasy Sports (USF) to the DFS golf players and golf bettors. I'll break it down to you as best as I can so you can get an understanding as to why USFantasy should be on your radar each weekend for the remainder of the golf season. Not to go over the basics too much, but to quickly touch on it for those new to golf, a tournament usually starts on Thursday and runs through Sunday with a "cut" taking place after play on Friday leaving approximately 70 players on the field to compete over the weekend. So you have two days where you're really keeping an eye on your golfers: Friday to see if they make the cut and then Sunday to see if they win. No other sport offers you the DFS or betting fun like golf does as you have to keep an eye on players for four days and especially sweat it out on Fridays & Sundays

USFantasy Sports Is Very Easy To Play

Are you a recreational sports bettor? Somebody who likes to have a little action on games to make them a little more interesting? Do you often believe that you have a good feel for the outcomes of games before they're even played?

How to Gain a Winning Edge Playing USFantasy Sports Daily Baseball Contests

As far as major professional team sports are concerned, no other sport offers the head to head matchups of America’s national pastime. In football, a running back and quarterback rely on their offensive line to block for them to succeed. Basketball and hockey teams have, and run, set plays that depend on teamwork and passing…

10 Reasons Why USFantasy Might Be The BEST Form Of DFS

1) The scoring system is very simple. One of the biggest complaints about certain forms of DFS is that the scoring can get to be a little bit cumbersome with varying levels of points per reception, 1.2 points for rebounds, or wonky scoring categories. US Fantasy gets rid of all of that and keeps things…

The Value of USFantasy

If you were to ever meet my mother, it wouldn’t take you long to figure out where I get my love for finding a good bargain. Whether it be fifty cent Mac and Cheese at the local grocer or a low financing deal on a new car, I love getting a good deal. This is…